Opening school this year has been a challenging process. Keeping children and teachers safe is, of course, the most basic commitment we have. We began by reducing the number of children in a “pod” who would not interact with other pods and also using both indoor and outdoor spaces to allow us to socially distance and yet give children within a pod to have other children with whom to both play and learn.

We believe that we can carry out our mission and be true to our philosophy.

NYS and CDC guidelines have been updated as more is understood about how covid-19 transmission occurs. We are constantly responding to all new recommendations and will continue to do so.

Fortunately Westchester has maintained a low enough transmission rate to open in person schools as long as proper guidelines are adhered to in that school.

Our plan to be, appropriately, outdoors with small pods each having an outdoor home base as well as an indoor space allows us to be socially distanced. Our plan is very detailed about how we will negotiate every thing from daily health checks, staggered arrival and dismissal, specific entrances for each pod, mask recommendations, materials, cleaning and disinfection process, etc.

This plan will be continually revised as new guidance is issued. We will clearly communicate with you of any updates.

As we always say, trust is the most essential part of parents being able to send their child to school. This trust is more than ever about trusting not only the school, but each other as we work to protect all children as much as is possible.

There are always risks, but now it seems low enough, with the correct protocols in place, we can look forward to being back to Elmwood. We do also welcome some new families to our community.

We invite you to read Elmwood Day School’s current reopening plan.  We have created this plan following Department of Health, State Education Department and CDC guidance.  The plan is compliant with current best practices in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, this plan is fluid and may be modified as we receive updated directives from the Department of Health or the State Education Department, with the School’s primary goal to protect the health and safety of our community. 

In the event of a governmental directive with respect to school closing [or if the  School  administration determines in its best judgment that the health and safety of the community would be best served by closing the physical campus of the School], we will return to the same level of robust virtual programming that we provided in the Spring.  We will of course be in constant communication with our families and reevaluate our decision based on guidance and best practices. 

We, like you, believe that children should be in school.  However, we are also mindful of our charge to be ever vigilant about the safety and health of our students and staff.

In the beginning of this pandemic, few imagined how long it would last and how the world would be threatened. Fortunately scientists and medical professionals are making progress in treatment and virus development. We look toward the future with hope.

Reopening Plan

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Clothing Guidelines and Weather Considerations

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Official COVID-19 Updates

8-7-20 NYSED FAQ Update on Returning to School After Symptoms

Interim Guidance for Childcare Programs

NY State of Health Letter to Families

NYS Reopening Guidelines


“This is definitely a year for the record books! Thank you for all your leadership behind the scenes. We appreciate everything you did to continue some elements of “normal” during this time. Thank you for keeping us safe and for giving us a space to learn that is nurturing, supportive, and a true community!”

“This is a well overdue thank you for all you have been doing the past 8 weeks. What you have put together is more than I could ever have imagined. Zoom sessions with the Elmwood teachers and students have been the highlight of our days. I have a vivid memory of the first session, singing “I like You” and “It’s a Beautiful World”, Elmwood staples bringing me to tears for so many reasons. It is truly miraculous how quickly you all put together amazing lessons every single day. My daughter has been learning and growing so much, something I would never have thought possible through a computer. It feels surreal that this is what Elmwood has become for the last few months of school. And even more, I would never have imagined ending my 9 year stint at Elmwood like this either. However, you have all found a way to make a bad situation into something so special, as you do with everything. It’s just the Elmwood way! I couldn’t be any more grateful for all you have done and given to our family over the past years. Thank you!”