9-12 or 9-3 (Approximately)

New families visit with their children in the spring. On visiting day children join our current Fours to play in the classroom or outside so they can become familiar with their new school.

Orientation Process

In the fall, children return for Orientation Day, when they play with a small group of classmates for a shorter period time so they can meet their teachers and some friends. Later in the week school starts, with all our daily routines in place.

A Typical Day


Teachers welcome the children to school, help them put away their things, and check backpacks for notes. Children “sign in”, greet their friends, and settle in with activities like building, drawing, sand/water play, or fun with manipulatives.


We sing our hello song, count the friends, find out who has a job, sing fun finger plays and talk about what we can expect at school that day. Teachers use role play to model how we talk and play with each other. We frequently play group games from our Elmwood repertoire that build connections among the children and with the teachers. Before we go off to play children are encouraged to think about what they would like to do as well as to try something new.

Choice Time

Children use all areas of our classroom (blocks, dramatic play, easel, writing center, library, and math/science discovery areas). Materials are rotated throughout the year to keep things fresh and connected to our curriculum.  During choice time teachers also offer small group activities such as playing cards, board games, cooking, or artistic projects connected to our thematic unit.

Small Group Time

Throughout the week children participate in small groups activities 

  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • Building Blocks Math
  • Board Games
  • Thematic centers

Thematic Curriculum

Our thematic curriculum helps organize opportunities for skill building, critical thinking, and social interaction. Themes are purposeful, authentic, and fun. 

We follow the seasons as well as children’s interests and developing skills, introducing new ideas and helping us become aware of the world around us. 

You may find us action painting like Jackson Pollock, conducting sections of the orchestra, camping like the characters in a Kevin Henkes book, or putting Humpty Dumpty back together again. 

Special themes have included a study of the solar system, castles and dragons, Peter and the Wolf, pirate week.

Outside Play/Big Room Time

We go to SandWorld, Soccer, Sky Park, Basketball, Elmville, Bikes, Gaga, CLIMB, and the Mud Kitchen. We have free play time as well as opportunities to play active Elmwood games. If the weather keeps us inside, we go to the Big Room for active games, obstacle courses, ball activities, building, or to act out stories and nursery rhymes.

Read Aloud

We enjoy listening to a good book and read many genres throughout the year. Favorite stories often lead to ideas for our own class books.


Parents pack lunch daily. Lunch teachers foster social conversation and of course encourage eating.

Afternoon Activities

The longer day allows for a myriad of fun, creative, and enriching activities. Children can go deeper with thematic projects and activities of interest, participate in more teacher-led small group experiences, and have additional choice time and playground time. 


We enjoy Music, Drama, Art, Sports, and Science specials. 

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