9:00-11:45 (approximately). 

Program Options: Five Days, MWF, or TTh

So that our Twos can begin their first school experience happily, we open the year with a meeting for parents. There, we talk about how we work together during the orientation days to help children separate and become “at home” at Elmwood. When parents understand and trust us, the children do, too. There is also time for parents to ask any questions and to meet other Elmwood parents.

Over the summer children often listen to our playlist, Elmwood Sings, which can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. They enjoy these familiar connections from the first day they are in school.

Every Day

Children are welcomed each day and invited to play. They enjoy the dollhouse, sandbox, play dough, kitchen, easel, manipulatives, and reading corner.  

Teachers are warm, inviting, and down on the children’s level, actively engaged in play. They build relationships among children and support their play and language to become more social.

The children enjoy a story during snack time, sing all day long, and go outside every day (weather permitting). They look forward to playing with the other Twos class at SandWorld, Bikes, Elmville, the Basketball, the Ballpark, and Soccer.

Each week Music and Movement with Anne is a highlight. The children enjoy singing along to the music of her guitar, acting out songs and nursery rhymes, dancing, and playing musical games.

Throughout the Year

The children explore themes that are meaningful and relevant to them through art, music, books, and other experiences. The themes encourage them to take a closer look at the world around them and share connections they are making.

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