Protecting Zoom Meetings

Dear Families, 

We are aware of the concerns around Zoom security and want to share our plan with you. After some research on our part plus consultations with some tech people we feel confident that we can protect our meetings by putting some specific measures in place when scheduling and hosting meetings. We know the overall risk of getting “zoombombed” is low but do want to be proactive. We also want to do the best we can to ensure live interaction with the children can continue. 

We have communicated a series of Zoom guidelines to our teachers (for example, enable the waiting room and prevent screen sharing, among others) . We’ll continue to stay informed on the topic and make adjustments as necessary. 

In the meantime, one thing you can do to help us is to make sure your username is something we can easily recognize (if you enter under a maiden name or only use initials it may make it hard for us to identify your child). We’ll also need you to be patient at the beginning of a meeting as it will likely take us an extra minute or two to review participants.


Lori, Sara, and Jane