Important End Of Year Dates

Dear Families, 

Thank you so much for the food contributions. We were able to help many families all because of you!

Below is our Zoom schedule for May 26-29 and One Drive link. We also wanted to share our plans for closing the year with the children. We hope you have a nice Memorial Day weekend and look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

One Drive for May 26-29:!AknzneoJehBEgZMbDM71pYYWIA84FA?e=UET28u

Important End of Year Dates

Friday, June 5: Last regular day on Zoom

Friday, June 5: Dads, we’d love it if you could join our all school meeting at 9:45 so that the children can sing to you!

Saturday, June 6: Elmwood Car Parade (invitation to follow). Each age group will be invited to drive through school at a specific time. Teachers will be there to wave hello and put a memento in your trunk. We’ll send details this week and though it will be short, we hope it will be a sweet and festive occasion.

Monday, June 8: Last day programs. 

2s and 3s will have special age group meetings in the morning (2s- 9:30, 3s- 10:30), with Elmwood classics and words from the teachers. 

4s will have their traditional evening dance party at 6:00. We’ll invite you to dance along with us. We’ll sing our end of year song and hear from teachers.

The Honey Bees will have a movie night at 7:00 when they will watch their class movie, sing their end of year song and hear from teachers.

**Invitations to June 6 and 8 events to follow.