In 1989 we began our enrichment program to give children the time, the materials, and the space to pursue their interests, while deepening friendships beyond the classroom. 

All of our enrichments are created, developed, and taught by Elmwood teachers. Since COVID, a selection of enrichments have been built into each class’s schedule. When you come for a visit, we’d be happy to talk about our current enrichment offerings!

3 year olds

ready set go

Join us for Elmwood’s best games where everybody plays and everybody wins. Throughout the year we play classic circle and musical games, build obstacle courses, develop ball skills, and go on yoga adventures. We have fun with friends, while learning new activities that keep us singing, active and strong.

ooey gooey art

Get ready for a fun, sensory approach to art! At Ooey Gooey Art, our materials stimulate the senses as children glue, cut, paint, collage, drip and fold. The children delight in exploring a variety of textures, materials, color, and artistic processes.

building bonanza

The children love starting each day with a story, song, or nursery rhyme that leads us into a collaborative and imaginative building experience. Some things we build all together, such as a forest, bridge, and house from the story of the day. We also enjoy building such things as a boat we can all get inside of, or a train we ride to work. Children will also independently, or with a small group, create their own structures using our unique building materials.

rhythm and rhyme: story time

Puppet shows, stories, and songs fill our sessions with creative fun. Everyone has an opportunity to choose the part they want when we act out stories and play drama games. Sure enough, after each story, poem, or nursery rhyme, the children say, ‘again, again!” and then get to play a different part.

4 & 5 year olds

Young Artists

Children will learn about true art through the ages. Each week, they will be invited to carefully look at and consider various elements of art and design, while viewing works of famous artists. They will then enjoy creating their own “masterpieces” using a variety of artistic materials.

Young Scientists

Children love to explore and discover new things. In Young Scientists, children engage in hands-on activities and experiments, which allow them to predict, observe, and then form a conclusion based on their experiences. Some areas we explore include gravity, air, magnets, friction, light, and shadows.

Young Authors

Children dictate, illustrate, and share their stories with
an audience of peers, as they discover what it means to be authors and illustrators. They also experience being reporters, interviewing notable Elmwood people.

Young Detectives

Each week our young detectives solve a mystery, challenge, or puzzle inside or around Elmwood. Children make and use maps, analyze clues, question witnesses, and use deductive reasoning to solve the dilemma of the day while having fun with friends.

Young Architects

Blocks are fundamental to math, science, and spatial
awareness. Our architecture books inspire children to
explore our rich building materials and emulate favorite architects. Children manipulate, investigate, test, and change as they negotiate with others and take pleasure in creating bridges, castles, New York landmarks, and more.

team elmwood

Team Elmwood builds confidence, coordination, stamina, and a love of sports and classic Elmwood games. Children practice fundamental skills such as throwing, kicking, catching, trapping, running, balance, and game strategy, while being part of a team. See you on the playing field!

on stage

Children delight in listening to and acting out our stories from nursery rhymes and folktales from around the world to song-stories that invite instant participation. The children help us plan, stage and act out the stories, using their imagination and creativity to become whatever characters they want.


Children will be immersed in Spanish, learning new words and phrases as they play familiar Elmwood games. We will also read stories in Spanish, sing songs, and learn new games that allow us to use our growing Spanish vocabulary.

math in motion

Children will actively wonder, investigate, compare and
reason as they playfully explore the world around them. Our math games and adventures engage children and develop their number sense, spatial awareness, and problem solving skills.

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